Sunday, February 19, 2012

I've Finally got it Done.

Hi everyone, I finally got my really big project done. It's a quilt top made with my Cricut E2. I used Heat and Bond Lite for the backing on the fabric. I ironed it on a piece of fabric using the manufacturers instructions. I taped the fabric down on my mat using black electricians tape, set my blade depth to 4, my pressure on my Gypsy to 4 and my speed to 3. It cut pretty well. I did have to go around the ribbon and some of the more intricut cuts with my scissors, but it wasn't too bad. The large images cut like butter. I then ironed them on in a pleasing pattern. There was no urn cut in any of the carts I had, so I made my own using my Gypsy and various carts.  Each block is 12x12 and the center block is 24x24.  I have not sewn around the images yet, when I quilt the top, I am just going to quilt the images down as I go.  They Heat and bond Lite will not stay on the quilt thru repeated washings without being sewed down.

 I can't remember which carts I used for this, because when I updated my Gypsy with the last update a week ago, it completely made my Gypsy unusable and I had to restore and reboot my Gypsy which removed all my files and my carts from my Gypsy. I had to reload all my carts. If you have specific question about which cuts I used, email me and I will try and remember and let you know.

Fabric taped to mat.

Images like the one above cut out very clean.

In the white space above which is a scalloped image, I am planning on embroidering the date and my last name and town.

I think the teddy bear is from the Christmas Cart.

The bird cage is one image I had to go around with my scissors and I also hide contour on some of the images on it.

I hope you like.  I am kind of glad it's done so I can move on to something else.



Anonymous said...

You are very talented. It is wonderful.\Illene

Josie0602 said...

Wow! That is a real work of art!!


Anonymous said...

Your quilt is beautiful...TFS!

aka cyimbugbitten

Cricut Couple said...

Holy Cricut! This is AMAZING BETH!!! So much work, but look at the results! The urn that you made is STELLAR! Gotta love that Gypsy, right? You should be so proud! This is just brilliant!!!

Sis Patterson said...

It's just gorgeous! I was looking at your center square (very Baltimore) and thinking I wonder which cart had applique patterns.

Thanks for all of the great details on fabric stabilization, cutting, and tape!

It's a lovely lovely quilt top - color choices and all! You have definitely mastered the fabric cutting! All hail, Beth the queen of Cricut quilts!

Georgiegirl2012 said...

This is wonderful - ever since my got my 2nd hand cricut last year I've been thinking how would I do something like this. So I'm now following you and will spend some time studying, and playing. thanks so much xxx

The Miners said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip on the Heat n Bond. I used the heavy heat and bond with a table top runner and still was able to blanket stitch around the edges. However, it's stiff on the top but I think it will do OK.

barbsmith2536 said...

What a great job. Your images really came out well using your Cricut. Congrats for trying something complex and sticking to it. I tried cutting felt flowers with my Cricut with little success. Using the heat bond would certainly keep the fabric stiff and keep the edges from fraying. Check out my latest quilt.

Barb from Toronto, Canada

LindaV said...

Wow! What a lot of work. You did a wonderful job.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Beth this is just amazing... look at all the detail! WOWSERS I am at a loss for words. Of course you are going to use this as a wall hanging aren't you? My mother quilts and I am going to send her a clipping of this as she will love it. This is truly a labor of love. TFS

Anonymous said...

this is so pretty...I need to try this...grew up in a family that all other crafts...the sewing talent did not infuse with me...hehe...thank you so much for sharing your talent with us...

Gina piazza said...

Oh Beth,
However did I miss this. So glad I got to see it now, it is magnificent!!!!