Hi Everyone, this has nothing to do with my paper crafting abilities(which I question most days). It's all about quilts. I made these quilts over the past several years, and they each have a story. So travel along with me while I share their story with you.

The below quilt is my first full size quilt I made several years ago.  I was out shopping in a very quant country town and saw the completed quilt hanging in a store.  I had never tried quilting a full size quilt and fell in love with this pattern.  I came from a book by Cathy Wierzbicki called Take time to Quilt.  I believe it's out of print now, but you might still be able to find a copy.  I used colors that I see when I look out across our hay field in September.   I sent the top out to be quilted by a professional.

It's still my favorite.
The next quilt was inspired by our neighbors who are old order Mennonite and quilt quite heavily in the winter.  They were making one similar.  I am not sure what it is called, but it's made up of log cabin blocks, and grandmother's fan blocks.  I did not have a pattern, but I do have a program called electric quilt.  I designed it on that, and made templates out of wood so I would cut the fan pattern with my rotary cutter.  For the colors, I went to Lowes paint section and picked out several combinations that appealed to me.  I had grandeous plans of quilting this one by hand, and I had every intention of completing it, but 2 month's later I only had the very edge quilted.  So I contacted my neighbors, and made a deal, I would trade them a finished top, if they would finish quilting my quilt by hand.  What a deal.  So a little piece of the wonderful neighbor ladies is in this quilt. I never took a picture of the top I made for them, and regret it.

This last quilt was inspired by a 1.00 calendar I got at Micheals 3 years ago.  It was quilts in a calendar painted by Diane Phalen.  One month showed a quilt hanging over a porch railing.  I loved that quilt and with a little research, I found that the pattern was called Corn and Peas(I think).  Anyway I dyed the fabric except for the red, cut it out a put it back together.  By now I was really interested in machine quilting free hand.  So I drew the pattern on, not sure really what I wanted and started quilting.  I had to roll up the quilt to get it to fit under the arm of the sewing machine.  It took 80 hours to quilt and 5 spools of thread, but that includes the time it took to tear out stitches becasue I wasn't satisfied with the way it was turning out.  The quilting has an Urn, Peacock, Feathers, Flames and meandering.

I really am missing quilting, and I have at least 6 full size quilts in various states of being finished, not unlike my paper crafting.  Maybe this winter I can get a few done.

Thanks for listening to my quilt stories.


I made this quilt for my MIL last Christmas.  She is always making quilts for everyone in the family, but I don't think anyone has every made one for her, so I made her one.  It was a quick and simple pattern, nothing real hard.  I do like the way it turned out.  Most of the fabric in the quilt, I hand dyed.  I love dying fabric by hand, it is so much fun to see how it turns out, and how vivid the colors are that can be achived.


zopeloti said...

Stunning! Sure can tell you put a lot of work into it. I'm postive MIL loves it.

Lisa said...

Beth, is there anything you can't do! What a wonderful quilt.