Friday, August 12, 2011

It's just about finished!

Last Monday my new barn was started.  We purchased addnl land adjacent to our property last year, and decided to build our own barn instead of having the horses at my Mom and Dad's house, right next door.  So, last Monday, a crew of 2 very talented men started my barn and as of yesterday, it was complete.  These are pics taken last Friday and this Monday, my they worked fast.  We still have to put in the stalls, and run electric and water to it, but for the most part the contractors are done.  I think it looks great.  We had an overhang put on the back so the horses could stand under it during the hottest part of the afternoon so their coats won't fade.  I will try and get another pic taken tomorrow now that the siding is on to show everyone.

Also, the week before fair our local paper ran an coloring contest for 3 different age groups with a picture of a fair.  They were giving away bikes for the winners.  I cut the pic out of the paper and showed it to my daughter.  I thought she would pooh pooh the idea, but she snatched up the picture, came back to the house, got out my colored pencils and went to work.  It took her over 2.5 hours to color this little picture, but she did a splendid job.  We needed to turn it in the week of fair to the booth they had at the fair, and I left it at home, but my DH was coming to the fair so I asked him to find it and bring it with him.  He turned it in, and low and behold, last week we got a phone call that she had won her division, it was 11-12 age group.  We were thrilled.  So below is the pic of a very happy girl and her new bike.

And finally I am actually making myself a craft room.  Instead of crafting on the table or in the corner of the living room, I am actually going to have a pretty nice area to work in.  Boy is it a monumental job.  I decided I have too much STUFF, and I don't want to get rid of anything.  Once I get it done, I will post pictures.

Thanks for stopping by and checking up on me.  I love visitors, they mean a lot.

Until next time, Beth.


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wow how exciting. A new barn, a new bike and now a new craft room! I am happy for you and your family.

Audrey Frelx said...

Sounds like a bunch of new "happy" presents!!! Yes, it sounds very exciting, and I'm also so happy for you! Looks to be coming along just great!