Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Babies

Hi everyone, this post has nothing to do with crafting or the Cricut.  I just wanted to introduce you to some of the members of our Family. These are my beautiful babies, Ony, Tsyphonie and Prayer.  I got Ony(Reg. name Pets Perfect Onyx) in 2004 when he was 3.  He is a Registered Arabian.

Don't let his beautiful, innocent face fool you.  His nickname is Distructo.  If it is unattached in his stall or pasture, it is fair game.  He has destroyed several water buckets, and can untie any rope.  He opens and shuts gates that are tied back all of the time.  I came home one day and the 12 foot metal gate that was on hinges and tied open, was laying in the middle of the indoor arena.  Somehow he got it untied and lifted it off it's hinges and put it in the middle of the arena.  Another time I came home and he had fiddled with the arena gate that goes to the outside of the barn where there are no fences, I was standing in the barn and heard a gate slam shut and turned around to see his butt disappear thru the gate to the outside. But before the other horses could follow him, he came tearing backing into the barn with his tail over his back.  He must have scared himself.  Luckily no one else got out and I got the gate shut.  Now all the gates that he has access to are either chained shut or chained open.  He follows me around the barn like a puppy dog when I am cleaning the stalls.  I walk, he walks, I stop, he stops.  I have to watch him though, because if my wheelbarrow is anywhere near by full of manure, he turns it over before I can stop him, and I have to pick it up all over again.  Here is another picture of him at our last show.

Below is my TSymphonie(pronounced Symphony).  Don't let her pretty face fool you either.  She may look all sweet and good, but her nickname is B*%!ch Face.  I got her when she was 2 and she could flatten her ears back so far it didn't look like she had any.  She made the meanest face I have ever seen on any animal, human or otherwise.   Since I have been working with her, she almost likes me now, and I hardly ever get to see her mean face anymore.  We still have our battle of the wills and usually it's a tie and we both end up giving a little.  She is Saddlebred/Half Arab.

Finally there is Prayer(Afternoon Prayer BFA).  I got her on an internet/ebay style auction last September.  I bought her for my daughter who has been taking riding lessons for a couple of year now.  When you are growing up,a horse can be your best friend and keep you out of a lot of trouble.  I had one that was my best friend and she needed one too.  I did not see her in person before I bought her, just a video on the internet.  A little 5 year old girl was riding her around, so I thought she might be perfect.  She came to Indiana all the way from southern North Carolina,and you guys think shipping is high on carts on, try paying for shipping on a horse!!  She is 4 years old and just the sweetest thing, except when she is eating her supper, then she makes mean Tsymphonie faces.  I am starting to think it's a mare thing.  She is only 4 and has a lot to learn to be an upstanding horse citizen, but then I have lot's of patience.
Pics are not very good, I took them and it's the middle of winter.  Hopefully next year I will get some from a professional photographer.

(the dog in the background is our duffusy dog Maddy, I will save that post for another day.)

Thanks for joining me today as I talk about my Horse family.  To me there is no more calming influence in the world then the time I spend with them..... most days:)


mforquer said...

Gorgeous babies!!! Love them!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Beautiful horses. Thanks for showing off your babies!

Anonymous said...

Your horses are beautiful...TFS! I always wanted a horse...I'm envious.

aka cyimbugbitten

Cindylu2u said...

Your horses are stunning, enjoyed seeing your pictures.