Friday, November 12, 2010

Chinese Take Out a la Gypsy

Hi everyone, today is my day to be a guest designer on The Bug Bytes.  I wanted to share with you some Chinese take out boxes I created on my Gypsy using Opposites Attract and George Basic Shapes.  I had a major problem finding a trapezoid on the Gypsy that was symetrical.  I finally came up with one on Opposites attract, but even that one was kind of off kilter, but I went with it anyway.  This file is not perfect, but it turned out ok for what I wanted.  I had messed with the file numerous times before I scrapped the whole thing(no pun intened) and started over.  At that point I was running out of time so I went with what I had.
The first picture is on the file itself, sans Christmas tree cut, I added that later.  If you look closely, you can tell the image is not perfectly symetrical.

At this point I thought it would be cute with a window in it, so I added the Christmas tree from one of the Christmas carts.

I did not add score lines to the file itself, but did them by hand afterwards.  Did I mention this cut is not symetrical, and because of this, I just had to eyeball the score lines..

I tried to make sure I scored from the bottom corner of the box to where the top folded down 3.25" on all 4 sides so when the box went together, the top edges were even.
 I took 12" of 2 different colored ribbon and some heavy weight thread and a needle and with a gathering stitch sewed the 2 ribbons together by hand and gathered them to form a rosette.  Since I was only doing one, I didn't get out the sewing machine.

I really love these rosettes, they are so easy, and add so much to a project.

I had 3 prototypes before I settled on the last design but I thought I would decorate and throw them in to the post also.  They don't look bad, especially after being decorated up.
Here is a pic of all of my boxes, they would look great with 25 cut out and used a count down to Christmas Calendar maybe strung on a string in front of a window..  The first 3 are the prototypes(can you tell my husband is an engineer?)  The last one with the tree is the final one.

Close ups, I added a piece of Cricut Cart Plastic to the inside of the tree cut so my goodies would not fall out.  I have purchased so many carts, I don't think I will every run out of plastic.

Well thanks for visiting today, you are the reason I do this!  If you are interested in the cut file, email me ( and I will post on my blog.  I didn't want to just put it out there with it not being perfect.

Until next time, keep crafting, Beth.


flowerdisco said...

they are lovely...and it is a lot of work sometimes trying to recreate w/the g. kuddos to you.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wow, these are beautiful! Love all the different designs. You really did a lotle of work on this and the design is perfect! TFS

Wendy Raffin said...

These are just adorable! I have no engineering skills what so ever, so I am definetly emailing for the gypsy file. I work with 14 women and these would be awesome for Christmas gifts w/ candy in them! TYFS!!