Friday, September 3, 2010

Cricut Circle Recruiting Contest

Thinking about joining the Cricut Circle?  Want a Chance to WIN a Gypsy?  Then read on.

The Cricut Circle wants to expand, and they have enlisted current circle members to help.  From now until Sept 13 if one person signs up for a full year membership with the Cricut Circle under my recommendation, I get a free Gypsy, but the bad news for me is I already have one.  The good news is I will GIVE THE GYPSY AWAY to one lucky person that signed up for a full year membership under me.  If only one person signs up under me, they they win it, but if more then one person signs up for a full year membership, those person's names will go into a drawing for the GYPSY.

They way I see it, if you were thinking about joining anyway, this would be an excellent time with a chance to win a Gypsy.  You would have to sign up for a one year membership to be eligible to win it though.

What I need is email addresses to give to the Circle for recommendations.  Once you give me your email address I will send to Provocraft and they will email you an invite with all of the perks you get with being a Circle member.  You are under no obligation to purchase anything at all.  They will send you an invite to the Circle.  You can either join or pass.  Easy, huh?  I do not share emails, and they will only go to Provocraft for the invite.  One more thing, If you do give me your email address for the invite, your name will go into a drawing to win one of 2 prizes.  Winners choice, see below.  I made the quilt for a Contest.  It is a kimono wall hanging.  The Halloween pic I made for a challenge.  So send your email addresses today to with a subject of I WANNA WIN!, and I will pass your email on to Provocraft for the invite.

Good luck and have a great day.


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

As you know I am a member, but I wish you luck!

Gramjak said...

I love both prizes, but I, too, already belong. Love the Kimona wallhanging! Of course, the Halloween vinyl framed piece is gorgeous!

SweetSassyDiva said...

Those are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!