Sunday, June 20, 2010

This and that

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, it has been busy. busy, busy here in Indiana.  This post has nothing to do with art or the Cricut, but thought I would share.  We have chickens, 7 to be exact.  Just enough to get a few eggs everyday.  One of them was a rooster that did not get along with my daughter.  In May I purchased 7 more chicks, hens so we would have more eggs next year, so now I have 14 chickens.  I am thinking this would be a manageable amount of chickens and just enough to provided plenty of eggs for family and friends.  Anyway one of the hens, a small bantum was sitting on a nest like she has every year since we got her.  She has only ever hatched one chick, so I did not think anything of it.  In fact I thought the rooster was sterile because in April we tried to hatch several of the eggs in an incubator, but didn't have any luck.

We decided to get rid of the rooster due to him not getting along with anyone and the fact he was picking on the hens.  We gave him to a very nice neighbor who has a bunch of chickens and didn't mind one more.  2  days after we got rid of him, my daughter ran to me and yelled, "Mom, Lillies eggs have hatched", and I am thinking oh no, I don't need anymore chickens, I have plenty.  We decided to move them to a cage because we have cats, and an occasional raccoon.  Even though I really didn't need anymore chickens, I didn't want to see anything happening to them.  I pulled the hen out of the nest(she wasn't too happy by the way), and then I started to pull chicks out.  This little hen had nineteen baby chicks, 19....

It appears she layed 23 eggs, one tried to hatch and couldn't so that left 3 left that didn't hatch at all.  I moved the eggs with her just in case they weren't done hatching.  19 baby chicks, I was amazed and shocked.  The next day, she had rolled 2 of the eggs that didn't hatch out of the nest and the other hatched.  So now I have 20 baby chicks.  I have no idea what I am going to do with all of them, but for now they are so cute and cuddly, we are just enjoying them.

This week I am a guest designer again for She's a Sassy Lady, so stay tuned for a project(I promise).  Oh I have included pics of Lilly and her new family.

Have a great day, Beth.


Ohhh Snap said...

Ohhhh my bug! Those are some cute chicks!! Lily has done herself proud : D. I'm thinking you need create-a-critter and the Easter cart!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

WOWSERS... now we know where Chester went! All the time we thought he wa swith Mya in Canada and he was at Thunderbird Lindy's!!! Oh my.... cute little chicks!

flowerdisco said...

this story it awesome...20! You have to bring back the father, he wasn't sterile after all, uh?