Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gardens that inspire me

Here are a couple of pictures from my garden from last year. I am hoping to take some more and post once the ground thaws and things actually start blooming. I am planning on some drastic modifications to a couple of the water features I have in my yard, since my garden has been chosen as one of the display gardens for our local Master Gardeners tour this year. (I am both excited and apprehensive about that).
I did notice about 2 weeks ago when I stepped outside on a Saturday morning, the birds were actually singing like it was spring, and last night when I walked around the yard, I noticed 2 things. There are small shoots of green coming thru the wet and mud, and my DH needs to pick up after our lab Maddy after she used my yard as her toilet over the winter. I think he is planning on doing that today. Yay.

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Karla said...

Good morning, I want to thank you for creating the molk carton file!! I love it, i have a quick question, is there a way to change the size? I tried bit had no luck, i appreciate your time. Karla